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Written by: derek1061 on 2011-12-19

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derek1061's review: I applied this morning and to my surprise, instantly approved $1,500 credit line 0% apr for 21 months, and 21.99% apr after. I cannot wait till this card comes in the mail.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved on 2011-12-19

Congrats! Now it seems the FG members are hot with Citi Bank. Enjoy your new found prime credit card. Also, great BT 21 months 0%!
Comment 2 by derek1061
Re: Approved on 2011-12-19

Thanks. I really love this site, I was going to wait to apply until next year, but after reading about recent approvals for this card I decided now was as good of time as any.
Comment 3 by jusdonit
Re: Approved on 2011-12-19

Congrats! I will enjoy Citi cards through finance globe members as the only way I will see a Citi card is through a mirage in the desert. smh
Comment 4 by patrick12
Re: Approved on 2011-12-19

Congratulations! Derek it's totally up to you but Citi uses the same pull for their other cards as well! I got this card along with the platinum select all with the same pull! Either way great news!
Comment 5 by derek1061
Re: Approved on 2011-12-19

How would I go about doing that, say if I decided that I wanted the Platinum Select mastercard?
Comment 6 by patrick12
Re: Approved on 2011-12-20

Yup! I just went online and applied for the other one within minutes of each other! Worked perfectly and they used the same hard pull for both!
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