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Written by: patrick12 on 2011-12-15

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patrick12's review: In all this insanity trying to beat the holiday rush, I was checking out at Penny's when the cashier asked me if I was interested in applying for the store card. Took only a minute, was instantly approved for $500.00 and the APR is 26.99%, pulled my TransUnion report score at the time of approval was 705! The rewards program isnt too shabby either! From what I have read on here, the increases with this card are very generous, I hope this card grows with me!


Comment 1 by jusdonit
Re: Approved At Register! on 2011-12-15

Congrats! I have heard great things about this card growing with people and GECRB being good to those they approve for one card being eligible for many others. Enjoy!
Comment 2 by derek1061
Re: Approved At Register! on 2011-12-15

Congratulations. I was considering applying for this card too, but the APR is so high.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Approved At Register! on 2011-12-17

Congrats! You will really like this card. As to the apr... ALL store cards have high aprs. Also, over history, they have been way higher than bank cards (going back to 1972).
Comment 4 by crissy02
Denied on 2012-01-09

586 score denied
Comment 5 by derek1061
Re: Denied on 2012-01-10

Can you please provide some more information that the other members might find useful, such as which credit bureau did they pull from? What were their reasons for denying you?
Comment 6 by wcombs32
Re: Denied! on 2012-01-14

I went to check out at register... I was told that I can save 25% off on my purchase. The lady ran my credit, and 2 mins later she told me that I wasn't approved and that I will be getting a letter as to why I was denied. I recieved that letter today and it says, reasons for being denied are " to many inquires ". This is the first time I have ever applied for jcpennys. (weird) I recently got approved for a capital one card, so I'm not sure if that's the reason for me being denied. credit score 583
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