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Written by: farmgirl on 2011-11-29

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farmgirl's review: Callout Comment Got a preapproval offer and was offered a slightly different offer on the same card....Accepted it, and was instantly approved for $1000 CL. This is my first prime card, and I am excited. It will allow me to close my secured card and another low limit card... I know this card will grow with me :) Current Fico scores are TU 675, and EQ 635.... not sure who they pulled.


Comment 1 by nogiblue
Re: Instant Approval Online ! User Icon on 2011-11-29

Remarks Congrats on approval ! Got this card 5mths ago and am real happy with it great customer service , great cash back rewards, they even added a suggestion I sent in on online features ! Im sure others asked for it too. To b able to see pending transactions !
Comment 2 by derek1061
Re: Instant Approval Online ! User Icon on 2011-11-29

Remarks Congratulations. $1,000 credit limit seems to be the magic number with Discover. FYI I have had my Discover More card since 8/11 and it still has not reported to the credit bureaus.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Instant Approval Online ! User Icon on 2011-11-29

Remarks WOW! Congrats. The FG family is HOT with Discover!!!
Comment 4 by phynanciallysavvy
Re: Instant Approval Online ! User Icon on 2011-12-21

Remarks I have this card. I hate this card. The intro APR was actually only good for 11 billing cycles, not 12 months like they advertise... Last month, I saw the interest fee and screamed! I immediately transferred the entire balance to another card (with 0% for 21 months)! I'm so aggravated - I want to close the account, but I won't... I just won't be Discovering any More with this card.
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