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Written by: phynanciallysavvy on 2011-10-23

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phynanciallysavvy's review: On the same day I applied for this card, I simultaneously requested a CLI on a 4 year old secured card. (I had recently learned that BOA only reviews secured accounts once - 6 months after opening the account, and at that point, they decide whether or not to upgrade your account to US/CLI. Otherwise you're sweet under the rug.)

Obviously, since 4 years have passed, my account didn't make the cut after 6 months, so 2 weeks ago, I applied for a CLI (HI) at the same time I applied for a new LOC w/ THIS card. Both were approved.

This card was approved for $7,500. The secured card went from a measly $300 to $5,000. Since both apps were w/ BOA, only one HI shows on my CR's.

There's more to this story, but it's just too much to type on my iPad touch-screen KB. Either way, I was approved and I negotiated... A credit analyst and I played give-and-take with my CL's until I was a happy camper - within their campgrounds. But I hung up feeling good about things. After all, my CS's are low-to-mid 700's!

This card has 0% for 12 months - which almost seems like a gift bc this is BOA after all. UNFORTUNATELY, one thing mr. credit analyst & I did not discuss/agree upon was the APR after the intro. It's a whopping 20.99% - just like Chase Freedom. (No thanks!) But at least I don't have to worry about until next September.

(BTW, their iPad/iPhone app sucks for CC holders.)



Comment 1 by kdb030609
Re: Applied. Strong-Armed. Won. on 2011-10-24

Congratulations on both cards !!! Nice limit on both accounts. I know the 20.99 % is high. I had the same thing on one of my B of A Cards as well. Then this past summer they sent me a letter to reduce my interest rate. To my astonishment when I called like it said to. They reduced it to 10.99 %. When they asked if there was anything else they could do. I asked them if they could look at my other account to reduce it as well. They reduced it to 14.99 % from 16.24 %. Not as much as I'd like on that one. It's wierd because it is my oldest. I figured it might be because they're trying to get me to use the newer account more and carry a balance. So maybe you'll get the same thing down the road. Otherwise you'll have to call them back and speak with a credit analyst. Good Luck!
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Applied. Strong-Armed. Won. on 2011-10-24

Congrats! You could do this for a living. Impresed at how you negotiated a fair solution!!! As to the Apr's ... next attack. Great job and I am humbled by your accomplishments!
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