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Written by: deadmba on 2011-10-01

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deadmba's review: Callout Comment Declined due to my first card with discover not being seasoned for 6 months. I make a tone of cash and credit scores almost at the 700 mark. I pay balances in full!!!!

I called the back door number and told the CSR about Citi Card giving me higher credit lines and a second card with my first card only having 2 months of seasoning. The CSR told me tuff - luck and wait unitl my first card is seasoned for 6 months.

Please let me know where to apply now????

I have 1 discover, 2 citi, and 2 capital one cards.

Thanks all,

dead MBA


Comment 1 by roughdraft
Re: Discover Has Policy? :( Booo User Icon on 2011-10-01

Remarks I guess that would depend on what kind of card you are looking for? A lot of times, no annual fees come with higher APR, and reward cards have annual fees, etc. A good rule of thumb for me is that I don't apply for more credit than I need. I have about 5 cards total but use them each month. To have the best scores all you need is 2-5 credit cards, 1 store card and an installment loan or a mortgage. What I also do is I try not to apply for cards that pull the same credit bureau. For example, the last card I applied for was the JCPenny card because GEMoney Bank pulls TU. I have the least inquiries on TU. GEMoney has a long list of cards, including the Paypal card that usually offers high limits to credit scores like yours.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Discover Has Policy? :( Booo User Icon on 2011-10-01

Remarks Heard the same thing from Discover Card myself, six months minimum and you know they are conservative. As to other cards... Chase Freedom has served me well.
Comment 3 by rsty99
Re: Discover Has Policy? :( Booo User Icon on 2011-10-01

Remarks I would just hold off, USAA told me about a year ago the banks are really like if you only have a few cards in our new credit world, this means for me if I bank with them I have a cc. I canceled everything else. I have Chase Freedom and would also recommend, plus if you bank with Chase you can add the 10/10 program to the Chase Freedom card. This program was started in 2009, link:


Sorry to hear your deal with Discover but there are many other options out there for you.
Comment 4 by bc8787
Re: Discover Has Policy? :( Booo User Icon on 2011-10-02

Remarks Just FYI creditors do not like when you pay in full all the time. they don't make any money off of you if you do that. i do it SOMETIMES when I can but i do it on cards that I have accured interest on over time as well.

And yes discover is very conservative like american express. It does suck for us consumers in the high 600-low 700 range but look at where it has gotten them... Financially amex and discover are better off than all the other credit card companies. They have a lower default rate than other credit card companies. So it looks like they are doing something right. I just got approved with Discover as well and my credit line with them is lowest out of all my cards but I am happy to know that i was approved giving that they are very conservative with who they hand out credit too.
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