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Written by: flirishpm on 2011-09-27

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flirishpm's review: Callout Comment I was invited to apply since I bank at Wells Fargo and was approved with a $7,000 CL. Great benefit is 0% APR to start off with and the balance transfer fees are attractive compared to others.

I'm done applying for cards for a few years but glad I was able to get my overall credit line available significantly higher which helps with my FICO score and utilization. I keep the credit line available clear and have been fortunate enough to pay off the balances each month. I've found a way to rotate the cards each month to make sure I'm using them so the CC company doesn't close the account.


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: Wells Fargo Signature Visa Card User Icon on 2011-09-27

Remarks Congratulations. Great credit limit
Comment 2 by kdb030609
Re: Wells Fargo Signature Visa Card User Icon on 2011-09-29

Remarks Congratulations!!! That is a nice CL! What is the standard APR after the promotional period ends? Which credit bureau did they pull from? What was the score?
There aren't a lot of reviews for Wells Fargo on FG! I'm not sure why unless they're just really picky and only want to service current Wells Fargo customers needs!
Comment 3 by flirishpm
Re: Wells Fargo Signature Visa Card User Icon on 2011-09-30

Remarks Wells Fargo pulled Equifax only. I didn't realize it but this is the "Signature" Visa which means your score needs to be deemed "Excellent Credit" in order to qualify...my Equifax FICO score was 716.

I consider myself to have "good credit" but apparently Wells Fargo went through my credit file and considers me "excellent". No negative information in my credit file and a long history of "paying as agreed" I think helped me more than my "score". Standard APR will go to 14.9% after the 0% promotional is over.
Comment 4 by flirishpm
Re: Wells Fargo Signature Visa Card User Icon on 2012-06-28

Remarks Got a nice surprise a few days ago (June 25th) while doing some online banking and noticed that Wells Fargo gave me an automatic credit line increase to $9,500...started out new with this card in September 2011 with a $7,000 CL so they bumped it up another $2,500.

I really like this card and here's why. I use it to pay all my bills. All my bills. With the Bill Pay feature, I pick the creditor I want to pay and choose the Visa option and I pay all my bills off at the first of the month instead of visiting every website for every creditor I need to pay each month. One stop, pay my bills and simply pay off the card twice a month. Frees me up with cash and I know my bills will never be late.
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