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Written by: jrb_02006@yahoo.com on 2011-09-16

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jrb_02006@yahoo.com's review: I was approved 9/10/11 for this card with fico at 583(Tansunion) can you say Wow!!! Only 500 but just paid off boa which had and annual fee of $29, closed because they wouldn't wavie the fee. will do the same with this card in a year if they don't wavie there $29 annual fee. just opened the card to give more credit to my horrible for now dedit to credit ratio which is bad. Any advice to getting my fico score up by march. I want to get a personal loan to pay off my treading water auto loan?
Also Have 14 inq in the last 6months and what to apply for more cards to get my ration! Bad? let me know anyone. Thanks


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: Approved WoW!!! on 2011-09-17

First let me say congratulations. Second I'm not aware of ANY bank of america credit card that has an annual fee? I think you made an extremely bad decision by closing the bank of america for capital one, as capital one is a subprime bank whereas bank of america is not. I would stop applying for credit because odds are if you stopped for awhile then your credit score would improve drastically.
Comment 2 by pillo
Re: Approved WoW!!! on 2011-09-17

Bank of America cards have an annual fee. Don't believe me, Asks them. Or search the web for bank of america annual fee. You will see that they gave anyone under a 700 credit score has an annual fee
Comment 3 by derek1061
Re: Approved WoW!!! on 2011-09-17

They only offer 6 credit cards with annual fees, the secured, and the cards affiliated with other companies (bass pro shops, and most of the airline cards). There personal credit cards such as the bankamericard does NOT have an annual fee. And what your saying about the how if you dont have a 700 credit score they give you an annual fee, that is completely not true.
Comment 4 by mpintx82
Re: Approved WoW!!! on 2011-09-17

You didn't make a bad choice at all!! You should never pay when you can get credit for free! That remark that Capital One is SUB-PRIME is INCORRECT AND FLAGRANT! Considering the fact that Bank of America IS THE LARGEST SUB-PRIME MORTGAGE ISSUER, Originator (CountryWide purchase), AND MBS issuer in the industry is laughable! CapitalOne will grow with you give it time, My best friend messed up his credit awhile back started fixing his reports etc. He started with the same card you have with a $300 limit, now has $4,000. Still horrible APR but it sure helped him when no one else would, and on top of that FOR FREE! UNSECURED! Good chocie! Congrats! OH FYI Derek BofA is cutting 30,000 jobs, stock is down in the dumps at 7.00 a share and just sold its Intl Card Portfolio....Sounds like they have what it takes to be PRIME right?
Comment 5 by wanderer
Re: Approved WoW!!! on 2011-09-18

Congrats! Capital One Financial Bank started out as a non-bank and provided great services to the sub-prime market. Today they are a prime bank and are growing into the prime world. They just bought ING Bank and part of HSBC's USA Credit Card subprime and prime card portfolio so stay the course. There is a new Capital One in the works.
Comment 6 by sethatco
Re: Approved WoW!!! on 2011-09-18

You for the most part will pay an fee for the cards, I got ride of both my capital one cards because with a 790 to 860 credit score I was not paying a annual fee for a card with a 2k limit. Based on your fico scores you most likely will be paying a annual fee for some time till you get closer to tier 1 credit
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