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Written by: christy on 2007-09-18

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christy's review: Callout Comment I like this card very much. I couldn't get any credit cards, loans, etc. After I foiled my credit with two stupid previous cards. This card is adaptable to each person signing up. REALIZE THIS. If your credit is totally awful and shot then you will have to pay more fees (like pay over phone or online bill pay fees) and your credit line will be low. Once your credit gets better you will not be charged to pay your bill online or over the phone and your line will increase. It is based on the individual. So for those who are complaining I have noticed it must be because your credit was terrible. But that is all the price you pay to make it better. GOOD LUCK!

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Comment 1 by meya
RE: Christy User Icon on 2007-09-18

Remarks Hi Christy, thanks for your reply and information regarding your experieince with this card. I want to mention a few things regarding someone esle credit and this card. Because an individual have shot (bad) credit, it does not actually mean that they are going to pay fees for online bill pay, or pay over the phone. There are credit cards offered for those with good-excellent credit that are hit with fees for the same reason. When individual posts about Tribute, they have basically all complaining about how the company withhold their payments for an excessive period of time, website is always shut down, poor speaking customer service (outsourcing customer service) rude reps, over looking the "Big Print" about Tribute fees because they want a credit card so bad,... Etc, etc, etc. I would say this, if a person has applied for this card and really enjoy it (like yourself), that is a good thing, but when someone is upset behind this card, or has seconds thoughts of applying due to horrible posting from numerous of credit forums, members here step up and try to do our best to find them another card with less fees and better customer service. Just because you have bad credit, does not mean tha you have to accept whatever card is out there for you, do your research first and you will see that there are creditors that will welcome you with open arms saying, "We will give you another chance." Christy seems like to me that you has learned from past experiences, and we will love to have you sign up with us and share your stories. Please follow the sign that says "Finance Network" on the top right screen to join with us. We are fairly new, but not new to strangers, come on in.
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