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Written by: flirishpm on 2011-09-08

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flirishpm's review: Callout Comment I've heard great things about Discover and especially the More card so I responded to an email offer about 2 weeks ago. Approved me for $1,000 which is not a lot but I'll use this for all my groceries, gas, dining, dry cleaning and other incidentals that will rack up some serious cashback rewards. I like the idea that Discover segements the year into "quarters" that you have to sign up for to earn the 5% cashback bonus.

No lates, no BK, credit reports EQ and TU around 700 and 1 or 2 hard pulls in the last year or so. Excellent payment history for over 15 years.

I've always wanted to be a part of the Discover family so hopefully this card will grow in credit line increases.


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: Couldn't Turn Down The Offer User Icon on 2011-09-08

Remarks Congratulations. I would have thought you would have gotten a higher credit limit especially since your credit score is high.
Comment 2 by bc8787
Re: Couldn't Turn Down The Offer User Icon on 2011-09-08

Remarks I got the discover more card the other day. You and I have around the same scores and I got approved as well. I would have thought with scores like that you would have gotten a higher CL. But as the analyst said when they called me, Discover is a very conservative lender.

Comment 3 by derek1061
Re: Couldn't Turn Down The Offer User Icon on 2011-09-08

Remarks Although Discover is conservative, I think that if your credit score was above a 720 they would have given you a higher credit limit. At the time of my application I had a 722 FICO and I got approved for $1,500.
Comment 4 by majtykamadness
Re: Couldn't Turn Down The Offer User Icon on 2011-09-09

Remarks Sometimes you just cannot figure out what cc companies are doing. I applied in Nov. 2010 with a score of 723 and was given $5000 limit. Prev BK in 2003 and 3 hard pulls in 6 months time. It wasn't instant, and had to call back to confirm details on CR, but was still approved for $5k.
Congrats and hopefully CLI will come your way as it seems you defiantly deserve a higher limit.
Comment 5 by wanderer
Re: Couldn't Turn Down The Offer User Icon on 2011-09-10

Remarks Sometimes you just have to do what you do. Congrats!
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