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Written by: scamps218 on 2011-08-25

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scamps218's review: Callout Comment I would not have actively sought this card had I not needed a computer for work. Applied with the following info:
Transunion: 670
Equifax: 645
Experian: 643

Pulled from Transunion with a $1500 limit. Applied in-store with 0% interest until December. If I pay in full by then, no interest charged. I not paid in full, interest will be charged retroactively for full amount at 28%! It will be paid in full.
There are really no benefits to this card other than being able to finance the computer, but I would still recommend if it is necessary. I wish I had applied for the rewards card.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved Necessary For Financing User Icon on 2011-08-25

Remarks Looks to me like you worked it so you purchased the computer and will do it at no cost. Yes, store cards are very limited but, it will have served your purpose and generated positive reporting to the CB's.
Comment 2 by derek1061
Re: Approved Necessary For Financing User Icon on 2011-08-25

Remarks Congrats. Believe me you definitely made the right choice by getting this card instead of the Rewardzone Mastercard because this one offers higher credit limits. I had the Rewardzone Mastercard for years and have only received one credit limit increase since. Terrible card, and not so good customer service either.
Comment 3 by scamps218
Re: Approved Necessary For Financing User Icon on 2011-10-23

Remarks I just discovered how awesome the financing option is for this card. I get to spend over $600 and get 18 months with no interest. Great option, I just need a limit increase. We will see what happens after the 6 month mark.
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