"3rd Time Was The Charm"

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Written by: burningphoenixny on 2011-08-23

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burningphoenixny's review: Callout Comment My credit scores are 560 - 539 and 513
and i got a credit limit of 300 bucks unsecured. so i didn't have to pay up front or anything.

I applied a year ago and got declined for unsecured but was approved for a secured card. I said no. Then i applied again in January and got declined again. Now i applied and it's august and got approved. Yet it's odd b/c last year my credit score was slightly higher. It was 620 - 607 and 598. Go figure.

Ps. I was approved the same for an Orchard Unsecured Credit Card as well for $320 bucks.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: 3rd Time Was The Charm User Icon on 2011-08-24

Remarks Great start! Best of luck in your rebuild!
Comment 2 by majtykamadness
Re: 3rd Time Was The Charm User Icon on 2011-08-24

Remarks Capital one is very weird with who they do and dont work with. It seems as though they work better with people rebuilding credit then those whom have well established credit. I filed Ch 7 BK in 2003 and started small with low CL and high APRs. By 2006 I was had received many pre-approvals and VERY reluctantly applied because I didnt want to be shot down. Awful feeling. But I was SHOCKED when I was approved with Capital One Platinum with a $3500 CL and an APR of 14.99% and my scores were average 620 and I had an apartment. I never had a card with them before. They had NO reason to approve me for such a high CL. But I have had NO CL increase since. ;( My scores are now mid 700s, I have a house and most prime cards like Amex, Discover and Citi with very nice CL. It just takes lots of patience and discipline. Only spend what you can afford to pay and treat your credit like cash. We all make mistakes and we all deserve a second chance. GL to ya!
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