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Written by: burningphoenixny on 2011-08-23

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burningphoenixny's review: Callout Comment Experian 560 -- Equifax 539 -- Transunion 513 -- That's my score as of right now. I was approved only $320, but i'm ok with it b/c i ruined my credit before and i'm working to fixing it. I have like 10 collection accounts that need to be paid off, but it's tough and it will be done (i have given myself 1 year to fix this). I have one public record which is a judgment for about $2,700 dollars on a crappy auto loan i did 2 years ago.

Ps. The total of all my collection accounts would range about 15,000 but i will be using the settled amount, so i'm guessing about 6,000-8,000 dollars.

I have a Target card with 4,000 credit limit that is still open and its at zero, an Municipal Union Credit Card that is about 800 bucks and that one is almost full b/c i use it a lot. I got approved for a Capital One Unsecured Credit Card but they only gave me $300 bucks.

I have 2 joint accounts with my sister which i don't use, an American Express Card that has 2,000 bucks and a Macys Amex card that has 8,000 dollars.

Yet my credit score still sucks, and the # is super low. So i am trying to pay off my negative accounts then the # should go higher (hopefully).

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Quick 3-4 Day Answer User Icon on 2011-08-24

Remarks WOW! You scored! The challenge of rebuilding...! It takes time and patience. Paying past debt and letting it age is key. Speaking with experience I found it frustratingly slow but... I could not speed it up.
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