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Written by: flirishpm on 2011-08-23

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flirishpm's review: Callout Comment I kept getting emails from Cap One over the last year or so inviting me to apply for this card and I've always ignored them. Today, I decided to go ahead and apply, knowing that I could care less whether or not I was approved. I have a Cap One with a $500 limit that I use just for miscellaneous things and I've been very happy with their customer service so I thought I'd give it a try.

I got the reply back "Congratulations, you've been approved"....on the right hand side of the webpage it detailed my terms which included my credit line ($3,000), APR (0% for 12 months) and no annual fee.

I haven't applied for a credit card since October 2009 so I was happy to get a decent credit line for a travel rewards card.

My FICO scores hover between 700 and 735 depending on which time of the month I check them. No BK ever. Solid 22 year history. No late payments. No negatives in any of my credit reports. I have to open car loans on my report and a bunch of paid off accounts still reporting, all favorable.

I'll get the card in 7 to 10 business days and let everyone know the status.


Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: Finally Applied After Being Arm Twisted... User Icon on 2011-08-23

Remarks Congratulations. Thats awesome, they gave you a great credit limit for Capital One. I can't tell you how many times I asked for a credit limit increase and have always gotten denied. I've personally only seen a handful of people getting approved for a Capital One card with a good credit limit.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Finally Applied After Being Arm Twisted... User Icon on 2011-08-23

Remarks Congrats! Your CL is great. You did better than virtually anybody that has reported on this site.
Comment 3 by thomas1
Re: Finally Applied After Being Arm Twisted... User Icon on 2012-10-05

Remarks You are more likely to get a CLI if you call the Exec number for Cap One. They are more willing to work with customers who have their premium card products. With their rebuilder products, the chances are very slim, but some have reported success with the backdoor numbers over at FICO. Cap One is supposedly in the process of re-vamping their CLI policy across the board.
Comment 4 by jay228
Re: Finally Applied After Being Arm Twisted... User Icon on 2013-03-16

Remarks Applied for Capital One Venture Card on 2/16/2013 was denied instantly. Contacted New Accounts Department for reconsideration. After verifying my identity through my banking institution, I was granted a $30,000 credit limit with $15,000 Cash Advance limit. This is the highest CL of all my credit cards.

I have $20,000 credit limit with Citi Thank You Preferred.
$12,500 CL with Citi Thank You Premier
$15,000 CL with USAA AMEX
$15,000 CL with USAA MC
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