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Written by: visionofv on 2011-08-17

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visionofv's review: Callout Comment This was a home run easily...I applied and was accepted with a congratulations. I want to slowly build my credit up again. So I was approved with a $300 limit. I nver applied for these types of cards before; but now it's important to me to have a credit worth rating even if I start out small. I think if you are on the road to recovery; take baby steps and don't get over your head. Think of this as actual money that you are spending.


Comment 1 by nuovocapitolo
Re: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT! User Icon on 2011-08-18

Remarks Very true...just remember in order to build that great credit score, it takes time....another little tid bit don't charge the max as the will screw up your debt to credit available ratio severely....I have been there.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT! User Icon on 2011-08-19

Remarks This card would fit into the department store type of credit accounts in the FICO Credit Scoring Model. FICO likes a mix of these, bank credit cards, installment loans and mortgages so you are on the right track.
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