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Written by: grayson248 on 2011-08-09

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Comment 1 by derek1061
Re: Approved In 60 Seconds on 2011-08-09

Congratulations. I'm really suprised that you got approved, I mean your scores are good but not great. You know whats weird is I got denied last week for a AMEX Blue Cash with scores in the mid 700's. Oh well I guess AMEX is just picky.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved In 60 Seconds on 2011-08-09

Congrats! It seems American Express has opened their doors again.
Comment 3 by bc8787
Re: Approved In 60 Seconds on 2011-08-10

Amex has lowered the score standards for their cards. I got approved for this card in April and I had the exact same scores. So, its not a surprise he got approved with scores in the high 600's. In the new economy high 600's are the new high 700's of the earlier years.
Comment 4 by kiejon9
Re: Approved In 60 Seconds on 2011-08-11

Comment 5 by joeyman
Re: Approved In 60 Seconds on 2011-08-11

@ Derek,

American Express has lower standards for charge cards, as the card member is responsible for paying in full each month. Grayson may have also had higher income and/or longer history.
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