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Written by: happyface149 on 2011-07-25

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happyface149's review: Callout Comment I applied online for a walmart card on 7/22/11 and got a denied notice, not sure why cause my score are eq. 659 and experian is 673 not sure about transunion cause when i tryed to pull my credit they sayed that they didn't have enough information on me and that i would need to send over a copy of my id and a second form on identifcation.

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Comment 1 by majtykamadness
Re: Denied, Will Send Notice In Mail User Icon on 2011-07-25

Remarks Looks like good enough CS to get approved even if only $300 to start. GE is usually easy for approval even if you have older BK and scores around 650 or better.
I wouldn't wait for the letter. I would call them today for further explanation and provide your missing information and you might be surprised and be approved over the phone.
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