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Written by: wndblwn06 on 2011-07-18

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wndblwn06's review: I figured I'd apply for this card since I shop at Walmart all the time and I am in good standing with GE Money Bank (JCPenney card with $1,400 limit, usually paid in full), and I'm trying to phase out my annual fee cards. Applied online today, approved instantly with a $600 credit limit. FICO scores are EQ- 672 and TU- 667. I don't know yet which score was pulled. APR is 22.90% with no annual fee. This card is good in store, online, and also at the WalMart gas stations. No annual fee is what's most important to me right now, as I plan on paying this card in full every month. Another small perk with this card is they are offering a limited time $.10 off per gallon gas when paying with the card. Discount is valid until 9/30/11. I believe the normal rate is $.03 off per gallon.


Comment 1 by hammer23
Re: Approved on 2011-07-19

Also you get 12 month 0% financing on purchases $299 or higher through 12.31.11
Comment 2 by majtykamadness
Re: Approved on 2011-07-20

Good card to have. Just keep the balance low because of the high APR. I've had mine for almost a year and they have given me one automatic CLI already. You can also use this card at Sam's Club if you don't have their card yet.
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