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Written by: pantheranubis on 2011-07-18

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pantheranubis's review: Callout Comment That is what happened. i thought i was going to get denied. Applied for AMEX Skymiles this morning and instant DENIAL. EQ 665, EXP 635. Discover said it needed more time then i got a phone call and after answering a few questions I got an approval.
I figured since AMEX denied me, than Discover was sure to follow. Ive heard that Discover's approval process is twitchy..and that it's hard to get, but I was pleasantly surprised..
Now I'm waiting in CITI. they said the same when i appiled (waiting for additional processing) i hope an approval is on the way. If i get CITI too then i'll have 3 CC's and i'm done. I had only a CAP1 card to start. I got it to get my foot in the door to getting a better CC.

FYI - I have a few hard inq's, but no BK and 2 old payed off bills on my credit rep still showing as a negative.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Waiting For Processing..Approved 3 Hours Later User Icon on 2011-07-22

Remarks Let us know the outcome. Others may benefit from your findings.
Comment 2 by pantheranubis
Re: Waiting For Processing..Approved 3 Hours Later User Icon on 2012-02-15

Remarks Was DENIED by Citi. said i had too many inq's. Discover worked out great. Customer service is good and no problems. I was not going to get any more crds but yesterday got a approved in store for a card from GAP. I only did it to make a purchase. Now besides Cap 1 i have 4 cards and no more apps for a long time. im going to let these cards mature into higher CLs.
Comment 3 by pantheranubis
Re: Waiting For Processing..Approved 3 Hours Later User Icon on 2012-07-02

Remarks I was ultimately DENIED by CITI for having too many inq's. So with the Disc, Cap1 and Best Buy Mastercard i was done. Until I decided on getting ONE store card at GAP. got approved at 500 initial CL.
..Update 3 weeks ago i requested a CLI since i always pay my cc bills on time. I never pay the balance off, I carry a balance. Discover called me late last week and after going over some inquiries, they gave me a CLI. Discover has definately been the best of all 4 cards.

And with the last card, GAP i got last year I'm satisfied with these 4 cc's. Giving my credit inquiries two years to fall off and clear out. I'm going to sit back and let these mature.
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