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Written by: neompu on 2011-06-24

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neompu's review: Callout Comment Experian score 780. Online approval. Limit unknown. Credit history: Mortgage 3 yrs, CapOne 3 yrs(Limit 500), CitiDiamondPrefered 1 yr (10,200), USAA 1 yr(1000). No negative accounts or late payment on any of my Credit Reports. Other than my mortage I have not debit. Limit unknown at this time. If you are interest in applying or building your credit I would suggest that you apply for a citi card first. Citi, in my experience is more generous with CL increases. I went from 1k to 10K in one year, with no hard pulls. CapOne has never increased my CL, USAA although an excellent bank is not generous with its CL. Each person has their own path to financial success. Credit is only a tool.


Comment 1 by majtykamadness
Re: Online Approval User Icon on 2011-06-24

Remarks Congrats on the AMEX Card!!
Ive had the AMEX Blue Cash card since `04 and went from a $1200 limit to a now $25K limit. And I couldnt agree more about CapOne. They are very stingy with CL increases. Im not sure they ever offer them. I got my CapOne NH card in `06 with a lower credit score then I have now and they wont budge.
Thanks for the information on the Citi Diamond card. I got my Diamond Preferred card a couple weeks ago with 0% balance Transfers for 21 months to pay off my 3 store cards. Gave me an instant $8k limit which was way more then enough and better then I expected. I look forward to having their card.

Way to go with the High Credit Score. You obviously know what your doing and using your credit wisely.
Comment 2 by neompu
Re: Online Approval User Icon on 2011-06-24

Remarks Initial Limit 11K. Not to bad for my first AMEX.
Comment 3 by neompu
Re: Online Approval User Icon on 2011-06-24

Remarks My experian score from experian's website took a 8 point hit because of the hard pull. Score is now 772, which is still well within the prime rate range.
Comment 4 by joeyman
Re: Online Approval User Icon on 2011-06-24

Remarks Congrats! You're going to love working with Amex in general. I particularly love their email customer service, they get back within 10-12 hours!
Comment 5 by sethatco
Re: Be Very Careful Of Amex User Icon on 2011-06-24

Remarks Be very careful with Amex, they are quick to approve however they get cute after a few months and start requesting to see W2's and payroll statements. I was recently asked for this documentation to keep my 4 year old Platinum account. I said no thanks shredded the card up and sent it back to them in pieces with a kiss my back side. I have Amex cards from Pen Fed 50k USAA 25k and Citi Amex for 15k so with 3 Amex cards I didnt feel the need to keep one for 450 a year. The so called prestige that was American Express no longer exists and I hear everyone on here boast about the customer service. I found it to be lack luster at best, much better service from USAA and Pen Fed! As for Citi and the courtesy CLIs those a thing of the past, with the new credit card regulations they can no longer just give them out. A hard pull is required for all CLI request. Congrats on the approval.
Comment 6 by wanderer
Re: Online Approval User Icon on 2011-06-25

Remarks Congrats! Great FICO Score. Looks like you have the number of the credit guru's.
Comment 7 by neompu
Re: Online Approval User Icon on 2011-06-25

Remarks Sethatco FYI

I have received 7 CLI in the past year. Here is what I do. Call Citi and ask for a credit limit increase for 3K with out a hard pull. I say it twice "no hard pull". They offer me 1000-1600 every time and there is NO hard pull. They say we can offer you x but if you want more we will have to do a hard pull. I except the lower amount and go on down the road. I have a account with experian which monitors all three CRB's. NO hard pulls! Don't know what to tell you but this is not a lie. Thank you for your comments.
Comment 8 by sethatco
Re: Online Approval User Icon on 2011-06-25

Remarks @NEOMPU
Thanks for the advice, I am curious as to when you last tried this? My friends that work for citi have told me that as of june 15th they have put the new credit card rules into place so any request for additional credit will require a hard pull no if and or buts about it! Glad you have had success with Citi. The only reason I keep the cards is they are my oldest trade lines dating back to college however in another year or so they won't really matter so Citi will have to put up or get shut down!
Comment 9 by bc8787
Re: Online Approval User Icon on 2011-06-25

Remarks Congrats on the Amex. And I have the same problem with CapOne. They will NOT give you a CLI WHAT SO EVER. I have even wanted to cancel and they were like "ok sure". But I kept it open since it is one of my oldest accounts and do not carry a balance.
Comment 10 by neompu
Re: Online Approval User Icon on 2011-06-27

Remarks Sethatco

Last increase was 6-5-11. I'll let you know if it works next month. The trend seems to be every thirty days.
Comment 11 by neompu
Re: Online Approval User Icon on 2011-07-08

Remarks Sethatco

It worked again. 1600 CLI with no hard pull on 7-8-11. I asked for a 5K increase and said "no hard pull". As usual they come back with an offer of (1600 in this case). Cheers!
Comment 12 by jsoriano
Re: Online Approval User Icon on 2011-07-14

Remarks Experian 720 & was approved. Agree Cap One Cls arn't the greatest - approved online for 1K
Comment 13 by rsg216
Before I Apply Question? User Icon on 2011-10-24

Remarks I've noticed on a number of AMEX comments the reference to a AAoA rating. What does AAoA refer too. I'd like to know so I don't waste a hard pull.
Comment 14 by wanderer
Re: Before I Apply Question? User Icon on 2011-10-24

Remarks Hope someone will respond as I wonder what it means too?!
Comment 15 by patrick12
Re: Before I Apply Question? User Icon on 2011-10-24

Remarks AAoA, stands for Average age of accounts, Basically its a calculation of time starting from when your first account was ever opened down to your most recent, if you have alot of new accounts, then obviously the formula takes those new accounts and averages them out over time time from the oldest one.
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