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Written by: krave on 2011-06-07

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krave's review: Callout Comment I've been getting offers in the mail for several kinds of AmEx cards like Zync, Blue Sky, Blue, Gold since last year. I was always tempted to give in and apply, but the Rewards just doesn't feel right. Until I received this offer in the mail - Blue Cash Everyday. Read through the offer for a couple of days, and I thought it might be worth an inquiry and hard pull on my credit report.

But also, I've been reading through the forums and it seems AmEx approves for people with excellent and long credit history. My oldest credit card is 2 yrs 10 mos. But I've always wanted to have an AmEx, I don't know why. I have 5 other credit cards, I always pay in full monthly, never had a late payment, and 1 car loan that I'm still paying off.

So I went online and entered the invitation code in AmEx's website on June 1. Filled out the standard credit app form - name, address, occupation, salary, etc. Instant decision of approved, but didn't show the credit limit online. Waited for the Welcome Packet in the mail, received it yesterday June 6. Here are the details:

$4000 credit limit, 0% APR for purchases until June 2012, 17.24% thereafter. 17.24% for Balance Transfers. Cash Advance Limit: $800. No annual fee.

Unlimited Cash Back:
3% - supermarkets;
2% - gas stations & department stores;
1% - everything else.

Activated my card online, very easy and fast. Was asked to create an online account. Online Management is easy to understand. It says your credit limit, purchases, points, rewards, etc. A lot more benefits to be discovered on their website, FAQs, and rewards. I didn't see any button for CLI request yet, not sure if one will appear in the future as I use this card.

Review on the aesthetic appeal of the card: It's a clear plastic card, with a blue hologram at the center, which when I peeled off the sticker (the one that says how to activate the card online or thru phone) partially "ripped"/"nicked" the blue hologram. Very disappointed on this part. Can't believe that would happen.

Overall, this is a promising card with good cash back program not tied down to an annual fee. Credit limit given is good, considering the length of my credit history. Hoping to have a good experience with this card.


Comment 1 by krave
Re: My First AmEx User Icon on 2011-06-07

Remarks By the way, I also entered an App Status for this card, I needed to edit "Applicant Remarks" because I made a mistake in the date I received the packet, but I get this message: "Updating status section is currently undergoing maintenance. Please check back soon."

Oh, and to add the scores for this review when I applied:
Transunion: 745
Vantage: 845
Comment 2 by colonative
Re: My First AmEx User Icon on 2011-06-07

Remarks Congrats! You will like Amex and their account online is really easy to use and navigate.

Great credit line too!
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: My First AmEx User Icon on 2011-06-07

Remarks Looking into the error message you got when trying to complete the application status. Thanks for the heads up.
Comment 4 by krave
Re: My First AmEx User Icon on 2011-06-08

Remarks @ColoNative - Thanks! Do they give auto CLI or need to request for one?

@Wanderer - Thanks for checking it out. I tried to edit it again, when I clicked it, it's bringing me back to:
Credit Card Application Results.
Thank you for maintaining this site. It really helps a lot of people. =)
Comment 5 by joeyman
Re: My First AmEx User Icon on 2011-06-08

Remarks Congrats on the Amex! You're going to be very pleased with the Blue Cash and American Express in general. If you contact them via email, you can expect a response within 10 hours! I am very pleased with Amex :)

I have the Blue Cash & Zync.
Comment 6 by wanderer
Re: My First AmEx User Icon on 2011-06-08

Remarks Hmm... in fixing the error message you reported there were internet connection problems. Took longer than planned.
Comment 7 by krave
Re: My First AmEx User Icon on 2011-06-09

Remarks Thanks Joeyman! Wow, an email response in 10 hours? I usually get an email response after 24 hours from BoA and I thought that was fast.

Looks like my loyalty's gonna switch to AmEx now... =)

@Wanderer - Thank you for fixing the error message. I'm sorry if I'm causing you too much hassle. If it can't be done, don't worry about it.
Comment 8 by wanderer
Re: My First AmEx User Icon on 2011-06-09

Remarks No... thank you for finding the errors. As the new FG Site is transitioned in errors occur. We need people to find the glitches and bugs along with reporting them. If not, they don't get fixed!!! The thank you is to all of you for working to keep the FG site the best...!!!
Comment 9 by thomas1
Re: My First AmEx User Icon on 2011-07-22

Remarks You can requst a CLI on this card on the 61st day of membership. You can request a maximum of 3x the current credit line. Thereafter, it's every 6 months, and they are very strict on that. Enjoy the card, this is one of the newer and better ones they offer.
Comment 10 by finance globe
Re: My First AmEx User Icon on 2012-06-20

Remarks This took a while longer than I anticipated :0 but this is fixed. You can update your credit card status remarks, APR and annual fee.

I am sincerely sorry for taking so long on this!
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