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Written by: brammy on 2007-09-13

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brammy's review: Callout Comment Rumors have been swirling about for the past year that Capital One is going to start reporting credit limits. The rumors are now fact. It seems that CapitalOne has started to report limits, no longer afraid to identify their prime customers for the picking for the competition.

The first hits are rumored to be reporting to Experian. If you monitor your credit reports, take a gander and see if you now see a credit limit instead of a high balance.

The no balance would have served me well next month as I am about to nearly max with a 1.99 for life BT. Oh well maybe C1 will show me some love with this statement.


Comment 1 by paula
Re:Brammy User Icon on 2007-09-13

Remarks I have credit check mointoring with Experian and ran my credit report this morning. I have two credit card accounts with capital one and didn't see the credit limit reflected on either one.

Comment 2 by brammy
Re Paula User Icon on 2007-09-13

Remarks It will not report til after your Sept statement date. Waiting on mine 9/18. Hs your statement already processed for this month?
Comment 3 by meya
Re: Brammy User Icon on 2007-09-13

Remarks Thanks for the update on this Brammy, I think I posted this last month, but guess what? No limit showing on my report. I am at 75% myself, so I plan on paying them off before Xmas. One thing that they also do is keep posting your previous balance instead of your current balance. When I paid off my card a couple of months ago they kept posting my balance of $680 when I knew I paid them off at least 3 months ago, so I called in a they reported $0 balance on my report two days later. Since you posted this, I know that I better get on my p's and q's with them real quick... Lol
Comment 4 by brammy
Re Meya User Icon on 2007-09-13

Remarks Go to my hideout and see what I say about this card. this is another trick to keep cardholders credit files from being the best they can. Cap one has a habit of not reporting 0 balances for three months... I just wrote something about this somewhere else... Lol!!! Talk about coincidence
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