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Written by: dammenion on 2011-05-11

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dammenion's review: I applied online May 1st. Instantly approved for $900 CL. I was shocked and surprised.

22.90% but at least no AF. I'll be using this at Sam's Club and Wal-mart. This is one of my first unsecured CC's. I have a wal-mart down the street so it will come in very handy.

I'll probably never carry a balance on this card due to the APR but anytime I buy from wal-mart or Sam's I'll use this instead of debit.


Comment 1 by credit28
Re: Approved Online on 2011-05-11

Congrats!!!! on your approval. It's a start.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved Online on 2011-05-12

Congrats! Great CL. Walmart like most department stores is conservative to start and aprs are (usually around 24.9 to 26.9%) high (normal).
Comment 3 by derek1061
Re: Approved Online on 2011-05-12

You got a fairly high credit limit for ge money usually they will only give you $300 or $500. I recently got approved too with a credit limit of $500. Congratulations
Comment 4 by colonative
Re: Approved Online on 2011-05-12

Congrats on your approval. Just be sure to use the card regularly to avoid GEMB's notorious credit line decreases to credit lines of $124.
Comment 5 by dammenion
Re: Approved Online on 2011-05-12

Thanks for the advice.

I just used my card today for a $33 purchase. I also have a Amazon CC account which of course is the same bank. I bought $45 on that this month, also a new account. Does it have to be just used regular or have to buy a certain percent of you limit to keep it up?
Comment 6 by cfmdev49
Re: Approved Online on 2011-05-12

I had to laugh when I saw colonative's comment about GEMB's infamous $124 credit limit...I have a Sam's club regular cc and a Sam's Discover...well...after I got the Discover I stopped using the old card...it had a $1500.00 limit and the Discover has a $4300.00 limit...after 2 years of non use...they reduced my limit on the regular card to $124.00! I contacted them and they said it was because of non-use...wish they woulda just closed it...just another account that I don't use but I have to check from time to time...just an fyi...
Comment 7 by colonative
Re: Approved Online on 2011-05-14

I believe you just need to make regular purchases no matter the dollar amount. What I call "mercy-purchases." It is basically in a sense using a card on a rotating basis with a small charge just to keep the account active.

GEMB is seriously notorious for doing this. I wouldn't let any GEMB card go more than 4 months without a transaction just in case.
Comment 8 by disnugaswagg
Re: Approved Online on 2011-05-16

I also got approved for a credit line of $800.00 (May 6,2011). So thanks in advance for all of the suggestions. I will definitely make sure that I make monthly transactions to avoid the credit decreases.
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