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Written by: patrick12 on 2011-04-06

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patrick12's review: Callout Comment OMG! Alls I can say is thanks for everyones support on here for the last 3 years! I had made mention on one of the boards that I had recently applied for a membership through a relative of mine at Navy FCU, well today my membership package came and I sat up my online account! I then shopped for what seemed to be an hour at their credit cards and what all they offered, I went ahead and filled out the application for this card and hit submit, within 30 seconds I was approved with a $10,000 credit limit and a rate of 7.99%!!!, Colo, Wanderer, Meya, everyone, thanks so much for all your support! They did a hard pull on Equifax 654 score.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Instant Approval! User Icon on 2011-04-06

Remarks Congrats! WOW...!!! I know you have been lurking in the woods to snag the big one and you did!!! Envy on this end... Nice work at CL and APR... As they are the best!
Comment 2 by patrick12
Re: Instant Approval! User Icon on 2011-04-06

Remarks Its been a long and painful process to say the least, but its been worth it! Wanderer, are you a member of Navy? If not, I would suggest to sign up with them, they are so polite on the phone and their internet access is top notch! I would truley recommend any one who is military or has active family in the military to join this credit union!
Comment 3 by colonative
Re: Instant Approval! User Icon on 2011-04-06

Remarks Holy crud you have officially arrived! Congrats with this card!!
Comment 4 by brian23
Re: Instant Approval! User Icon on 2011-04-06

Remarks They are an awesome credit union! I haven't had 1 complaint about them and have been with them for seven years. Although I wasn't approved for their credit card until last year, they rock on everything else. Wait about 6 mths with their credit card and apply for the NavCheck line of credit. You'll probably get an instant approval on that too. Also, their Car loans have probably the best interest rate out there.

Congrats on the approval and it's just the beggining of things to come with them.
Comment 5 by patrick12
Re: Instant Approval! User Icon on 2011-04-07

Remarks Also approved for NavCheck line of credit for $5,000 dollars with a 14.9 apr.
Comment 6 by brian23
Re: Instant Approval! User Icon on 2011-04-07

Remarks I see, you move very quickly lol. Congrats on both!!!
Comment 7 by kdb030609
Re: Instant Approval! User Icon on 2011-04-08

Remarks Congratulations !!! You've worked hard and definitely deserve it. That is an awesome starting limit and the rate of 7.99% is awesome as well ! Its practically unheard of these days. My lowest rates are 8.99% with my Chase Freedom and 9.24% on AT&T Mastercard. I've heard a lot of ads on the radio for them lately. They are definitely a prime bank as well.
Comment 8 by genem23
Re: Instant Approval! User Icon on 2011-08-21

Remarks CONGRATZ!!! NFCU is awesome...I joined them in 86. I have other bank accounts but keep NFCU as they dont out source and they have the best rates around. I love when I can call and speak to someone and understand them.
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