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Written by: kdb030609 on 2011-04-06

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kdb030609's review: Callout Comment I received a pre-approval offer in the mail at the end of March. I applied on 3/24/11 received a pending approval 10-14 days message. I found out I was approved on 4/5/11. They pulled Experian 726 at the time. The Credit Limit is $9,000. It said I would receive the card in 7-10 days. I haven't seen any reviews for this bank on here yet. I know that they're one of the largest privately controlled banks in the country.


Comment 1 by colonative
Re: Approved User Icon on 2011-04-06

Remarks Congrats on your approval. I had a FNBO Platinum Edition between 3/01-1/07. I was neither impressed nor disappointed by the bank. It was my first card with a $5,000 limit; however, the interest rate was 15.9% and this was back when they used the dual cycle method for interest rates. I ended up closing the account in 2007 and as of December of last year the tradeline fell off my credit report.

The only time they ticked me off was when I tried to close the account on New Years Eve (3 PM Denver time) and they were closed for the holiday. 1) New Years Eve is not a holiday and 2) What if I really needed to speak to someone? Even my local bank has 24/7 customer service...
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: Approved User Icon on 2011-04-06

Remarks Congrats on your approval. Nice CL. Had a card from this bank back about fifteen years ago. They service the states around Nebraska for banking and tend to be conservative in the area of credit cards. Good luck. I too closed my account due to the fact their cards were minimum benefits and high aprs. Remember, this was fifteen years ago. Today they seem to be reaching out to more people.
Comment 3 by patrick12
Re: Approved User Icon on 2011-04-06

Remarks Congratulations on your approval! First National Bank of Omaha is truely a prime card to have in your wallet!
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