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Written by: wndblwn06 on 2011-03-30

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wndblwn06's review: Callout Comment I applied for and received this credit card when my credit score was in the mid 500 range. The credit limit was meager at first, $220, I believe, but after 2 years of paying on time, I now have a $1,720 CL, which looks wonderful on my credit because I keep a low balance. I only use this card for gifts every once in a while, as the apr is high... But with no annual fee, I can't complain.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Good Card To Rebuild Credit User Icon on 2011-03-30

Remarks Congrats on this card! Sure seems to grow with a cardholder. You may want to look at the potential of acquiring a Mastercard or Visa unsecured or secured to continue on your rebuild. Lots of opportunities on this website. You can get a sense for what works from FG contributors.
Comment 2 by wndblwn06
Re: Good Card To Rebuild Credit User Icon on 2011-04-13

Remarks Thanx Wanderer :) I do have a couple of Visas also. The oldest is about 3 years old, issued by Monterey County Bank, which I keep for the history (although my credit limit seems stuck at $786) and the fact that there is no annual fee... My other Visa is with Credit one bank, which is only a year old, and I'm thinking of getting rid of, as the annual fee is going to be around $100... I'm still debating over that because I just closed a HSBC card a couple of months ago because of high fees and refusal for a credit limit increase.
Comment 3 by wndblwn06
Re: Good Card To Rebuild Credit User Icon on 2011-04-13

Remarks I guess I'll just have to play the waiting game a while longer... My score really hasn't increased that much in the past couple of years despite my on time payments... I have quite a few collections that drop off next year... Maybe then I'll qualify for a "good credit" card :p
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