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Written by: o.p tx on 2007-09-11

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o.p tx's review: Callout Comment I have had this card for a few months now with no issues. I have paid my balance the past few months online with no issues and no fees attached. They even allow you to save your account info so you don't have to enter it again every time. Read the FINE PRINT, you will have your fees deducted as soon as the account is opened. You have to pay a $20 start fee which HAS to be made to activate the account. I applied online and the card was in my mailbox right when it was promised!

I am very happy with this card, and I can honestly say I've never been a fan of credit, I just knew I had to do something. All I had was my house, and because I am now a single parent and getting laid off, the house went bye bye and my credit to S***. Thanks to this card, I am making my way to show that I can be responsible yet again and that I am on my feet. I recommend this card to anyone who is wise enough NOT to use credit ignorantly, but then again, that goes with any credit card. Make your payments on time, and don't go over the limit and you are good.

I will say though, that I've had error messages come up with I try to pay online, but I'll leave the page and come back in 10-15 minutes and it works.

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Comment 1 by meya
Re: Op User Icon on 2007-09-11

Remarks Thanks for the info op. We are glad to hear that you are happy with your Tribute card. I give a toast to you for being a single parent and taking care of your business at the same time. Trust me, I know what it is like! If you want to apply for any other card or choose to stay where you are, join us and we will be glad to share some valuable information with you, or better yet we will love to hear about your previous/current credit experinces with any card that you posess. When you sign up, make sure that you use the the same name that you posted with your review for tribute. P. S., we are about to have a party in here soon so bring all you got... Lol
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