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Written by: vmoore0607 on 2011-03-18

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vmoore0607's review: Callout Comment I applied for this account in December. I was not approved for their traditional line of credit that reports to the CRAs but I was approved for their freshstart program. I paid off my small purchase early. You have a total of six months to pay off the purchase but due to the high rates, I decided it was best to pay off early. I thought that because I did this, it would disqualify me from receiving credit through them. Apparently it did not. I was awarded with the $200 CL as a start off with their credit card. I plan to make another small purchase and pay on it for about three months to show credit worthiness. Things are looking up in such a short amount of time. Since October I've been monitoring my credit and have since raised my scores, provided by truecredit, by 100 points. Well worth the time and wait!! I plan to continue working on it and never getting denials ever again :) I owe a lot to this site for all the info I've learned!! Thanks FG!!!


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved After Completed Trial User Icon on 2011-03-18

Remarks This has to feel good! Congrats on graduating (so to speak). Farming credit is a process (game). Sometimes it seems too slow but... Keep up the faith and keep moving forward!
Comment 2 by ding
Approved After Completing Trial User Icon on 2011-03-18

Remarks Congratulations on getting approved. Like Wanderer said sometimes it can be a slow process, but in the end completely worth the wait. Good Luck!
Comment 3 by meya
Approved After Completing Trial User Icon on 2011-03-20

Remarks Wow, I am very happy for you. Yes it does takes time to rebuild, but the main thing is to stay focused and remain positive because negative is what we strive to stay away from
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