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Written by: hammer23 on 2011-03-11

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hammer23's review: Callout Comment I got a Fingerhut account shortly after my BK was discharged. I started out with a $220 limit and have made about 5 purchases from them (mostly sale and clearance items) and Fingerhut has been excellent about raising my limit after I pay off each purchase. My limit is now $1,370. I understand that Fingerhut's prices are a bit higher, but this card has no monthly, annual, or other "processing" or other fees and the $1,370 limit looks great on my credit report. I would recommend this card to anyone looking to re-establish themselves.


Comment 1 by colonative
Re: Frequent CLIs With NO FEES User Icon on 2011-03-13

Remarks Congrats on your rebuilding efforts. Would you mind letting us know when the account was opened and what your approximate score was (and which bureau they pulled from)? This information helps others who may be interested in obtaining the card.

You make an excellent point about the no-fee attribute of the account. And as long as you pay your purchases in full each month, the account costs you nothing.
Comment 2 by hammer23
Re: Frequent CLIs With NO FEES User Icon on 2011-03-13

Remarks I am sorry I forgot to post that. I opened my account in June of 2009 (3 months after my BK discharge)... Initial credit line was $220. They pulled TU (however this was CIT/Fingerhut the account was transferred to Metabank/Fingerhut) My credit score was in the 550's at the time. It is now in the 660's.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Frequent CLIs With NO FEES User Icon on 2011-03-14

Remarks Good luck in your credit restart. I remember when this company made seat covers... Oh that was a long time ago. Taking it a step at a time as you are opened the door after the BK. Appreciate the info for others who may want to take advantage of your experiences.
Comment 4 by rakesia205
Re: Frequent CLIs With NO FEES User Icon on 2011-06-06

Remarks I applied about 3 months ago and was declined for a credit limit but was approved for the fresh start program.Then last week a got a magazine with a pre approval up to $500 and reapplied.This time i was approved and my cL is $200.im not really sure what my fico score is.It was about 540 the last time i checked.My sister got approved for $100.
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