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Written by: deborah on 2007-09-10

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deborah's review: Hey first off, this is not the exact card I was approved for... I was approved for the US Airways Mastercard from Barclays, but no logo available for it. Meya thought I should let everyone know that this issuer approved me for the Travelocity card last month, then about one week later approved this one. At the time I didn't realize it was the same issuer, or I would prob have not applied. Just looking for fly rewards. Good luck to any one who wants to try! My scores and such are posted in my reviews.

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Comment 1 by meya
RE: Deborah on 2007-09-10

U Got It... It is the corect card. Barclays bank has swaped over to BOFA. Our Travelocity card is BOFA also so now we are in the door with them... Lol. Girl that card look so shinny and black (Um) :). Thanks for posting your scores and your approval so that others can get some light about the card. There you go folks, if you see that you fit somewhere in Deborah's range... Go for it. Congrats again Deborah, one more major card from you, we are going to have to pitch in and purchase your cap and gown. Eric said he will buy the ring.... I bet you he rose up out of his workchair now... Lmao!
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