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Written by: patrick12 on 2011-03-07

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patrick12's review: I applied and was approved for this card 2 years ago, score at the time was 524 TransUnion, it wasn't instant, credit line was $1000.00 to start, now I am up to $1800.00. They offer some great 0% interest promotions! CFNA reports to all three bureaus, however, the credit limit only gets reported to TransUnion and Equifax, Experian only reports the high balance!


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: 2 Year Mark on 2011-03-08

It takes time to build credit and in my findings at least two years before you can start to see the credit playing field. Also. Feel free to ask questions in the Forum... Generally someone has walked the walk. Also, congrats for the CL increases and staying on top of your credit!!!
Comment 2 by patrick12
Re: 2 Year Mark on 2011-03-08

Thanks Wanderer for the advice, I have 2 Capital One Mastercards, $1000.00 limit each, one Visa with my bank, so I have some of those in my mix, as far as getting advice, or commenting on posts, someone has disabled me from doing that on here! When ever I try to post on a discussion board, it says I am disabled from doing that. Let me know how I can correct this.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: 2 Year Mark on 2011-03-08

As a followup on your being disabled to comment at the forum... Notified the site administrator to see what was happening. You always have good info and we need to keep it flowing! The site administrator sent you a how to work around for the problem. Also, informed me that a site complete upgrade will be taking place on April 8th, 2011 (site will be down for the conversion) to eliminate problems like you have been experiencing.
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