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Written by: jayson on 2007-09-09

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jayson's review: Callout Comment What a hoax! I unfortunately activated the card in the beginning of July, I called to make a payment over the phone and they wanted to charge a fee for payment. Since July I have been trying to call a "LIVE" person with no success. Here it is the beginning of September, and I just made a $300 payment on a credit card I have not used on a balance of $430. How is this supposed to help me rebuild my credit?!? And to top it off I had to pay an $8 fee to pay the people.


Comment 1 by meya
Re: Jayson User Icon on 2007-09-10

Remarks Well Jayson... I have good news for you. Since you said that you have paid it off, now is the time to close it. There are plenty available cards out there that will not tear your head off lke this company will. Sign up with us and we can offer you some good advice on which cards to apply for. By the way, many credit card companies are applying pay-by-phone fees now. Some charge you to pay online, but it will be a cold day while hanging with the devil before I apply for a card like this... Lol. Feel free to sign up so we can take that monkey off of your back, it must be a heavy load dealing with this company... Hehehehe! Please use your same name that you posted with when you sign up with us ok. See ya when you get there.
Comment 2 by eric
RE User Icon on 2007-09-10

Remarks I talked to a friend of mine at work a few days ago and she was telling me about a her credit card company calling her. Well we work for a credit card company and I was concerned. Well she explained that she was due on the 30th of August. Well it was only Aug 27. Well then I asked why were they calling her then if her due date was 3 days away. She said the lady on the phone said its a procedure for new accounts so they don't roll into default. Well I guess this lady from collections was a real bi*ch to my friend, told her that they will call her back tommorow-my friend told her to not call her anymore-the lady HUNG UP! Well then I asked her what company would do this? She replies Continental Finance! I advised her right away to close that card immediately. Hopefully she heeded my advise. Also fellow reviewers I may be leaving GEMB soon. I was offered a position with Bank of America in Customer Service Mgmt in the credit card department. With the new position I will have advise for B of A credit cards. Yep Theo lol, I'll be able to find out what is needed for there cards. I'll keep you guys posted on that development.
Comment 3 by meya
RE: ERIC User Icon on 2007-09-10

Remarks Oh my god! WAHHHOOOOO! CONGRATULATIONS BUDDIE. I am so happy for you, that is a nice blessing for you. We have to do a little something for you here at FG, since we can't see you how about a cyber hug... Arrrrrrrghhhhh. There is mines! I hugged you so tight until I almost pressed the keys to hard... Lol. Wahoo, now we are going to hear about some different I would/would not apply for that card if I were you stories... Lol. We will let you get your foot in the door first ok, after that, I am sending all bofa questions straight to you.
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