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Written by: vinney711 on 2011-02-02

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vinney711's review: Callout Comment Hello my name is Vinney and I would like to inform the readership on this comment board that on the 28th of January, 2011, I had initialy applied for a Applied Bank unsecured Gold Visa credit card by going online and filling out and completing an application with respect to the card and then the auto-attendent system instructed that I would have have to submit proof-of-income, paystubs, etc. To them via-mail or by fax-(In this case I utilized the fax-method.)

The auto-attendent system also notified me that Applied Bank would apply a small credit in the amount of less then $1.00 into my bank-checking account for verification purposes. However, it has been several days and no such credit has of yet been applied. I subsequently called customer service and informed them that I had not as of yet retained such credit and they said that give it a few days time. Also, I enquired about the current status of my sumitted application and he (the customer service agent) said that it looked quite good and that my income aspect had passed approval-

All-in-all, so far that with respect to the status of my submitted application I am still awaiting the credit to my checking account. I might also inform you that according to the customer service agent that until I secured such a credit (less-then a $1.00) the processing of my application would be delayed. Quite interesting-

Hopefully, as soon as I secure results on this matter I will then proceed to convey to you the readership on this comment board the results-so hang-tight till I get back to you all.

Vinney in California-02/03/11

PS: To be blunt with you, I do currently sustain a negative credit report/file (s) (circumstances beyond my control contributed to such a predicament) by the way who has not been spared? But I am hopeful that I will or would be able rather to reastablish a postive crediting rating with respect to my credit report (s).


Comment 1 by casey
Applied Bank Unsecured Gold Visa User Icon on 2011-02-02

Remarks Hang in there Vinny. I have this card and the process was quite long. I applied on December 12, 2010, and didn't get the card until January 19, 2011. It was at least two weeks after I applied that the small credit was made into my checking account, mine was 90 cents... And then they wanted my income info AGAIN, even though I had faxed it to them on December 13, 2010... Then 3 more weeks later I got a letter saying the card was on its way... The 2nd time they wanted the income info, I just e mailed it to them... That was faster... Credit_Management@appliedbank.com was the address I sent it to... Good luck.
Comment 2 by casey
One More Thing User Icon on 2011-02-02

Remarks The website you go to to verify the the credit is www.AbVisa.com/verify if you weren't aware of this already... It works, I just tested it...
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Applied Bank Gold Visa User Icon on 2011-02-17

Remarks Yes, this card is another bottom feeder that preys on the unsuspecting. Wish you the best of luck and keep a close watch on everything they do! You could look to Capiatl One, Bank of America or Citi Bank taking advantage of their "secured" card program if need be. They will graduate you to unsecured and a big name on your account.
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