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Written by: joeyman on 2011-02-01

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joeyman's review: Callout Comment American Express is like the Range Rover of credit cards to me, I have been very satisfied with them and decided to apply for the Blue Cash recently. The application process actually took awhile, about six days in total. I was already a cardmember with the Zync.

Here's the facts:

• Scores 710-725

• Utilization below 5%

• About 30 months of credit history in total (20 years old)

• Issued credit limit $2,000

• Three other cards currently open all with limits lower than $2,000

• My Zync had an average of $900 charged per month and opened in October '10

• Annual income $40,000

All of these are great factors, but I feel if I wasn't a current American Express cardholder I wouldn't have been approved. I used the Zync as a way to built a history as the Zync is easier to get.

There may be better cash back cards available, but I am satisfied enough with American Express to make the sacrifice and use the Blue Cash.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

PS: The card was mailed in 2-3 days!: )


Comment 1 by kdb030609
Re: My First Cash Back Card User Icon on 2011-02-01

Remarks Congratulations!!! Those are nice scores. The Blue Cash seems to be a popular card. That is a nice starting limit. I think 2000 CL seems to be a magic number for AMEX starting limit.
Comment 2 by wanderer
Re: My First Cash Back Card User Icon on 2011-02-01

Remarks WOW! Congrats on your new AX. Great CL. Scores are super. You do have the credit gurus looking after you. A dream realized!
Comment 3 by colonative
Re: My First Cash Back Card User Icon on 2011-02-03

Remarks Congrats. Despite others fealings here, I also admire American Express and I have been very happy with them.

I still wish you had opened the Costco True Earnings card because its hot, but Blue Cash is a great option as well.

Enjoy it!
Comment 4 by joeyman
Re: My First Cash Back Card User Icon on 2011-02-04

Remarks Costco would have been neat, but I haven't been driving since last May and the closest Costco is out of the city in the suburbs. The card is very hot.

Everyone is always impressed with my Zync at the checkout. They say "Oo, black and white?" Blue has been around for awhile...
Comment 5 by mcnally
Re: My First Cash Back Card User Icon on 2011-02-14

Remarks Congratulations on your new card. You have nice scores as well.

i hate to burst your bubble though, but AMEX is not as glamourous as it used to be. We have the same card and I often leave it at home. I just use the card for recurring bill payments.

i always get a merchant that accepts VISA/MC only and not AMEX... Especially the small business/ kiosk stand in the mall.

One more thing, AMEX is the ONLY card that decreased my credit limit. From $10,000 to $ 3,000. That left a bad taste in my mouth. I never had any late payments nor did I ever go over the limit in any of my cards.
Comment 6 by kiejon9
Re: My First Cash Back Card User Icon on 2011-02-26

Remarks Congratulations on your new card
Comment 7 by bc8787
Re: My First Cash Back Card User Icon on 2011-04-06

Remarks I want this card. I applied a few months ago and was denied. But I did get approved for a Amex Gold card with no pre set spending limit. So apparently they are more willing to NOT give me a set limit rather than give me one. I guess since I have to pay in full every month they know consumers of no pre set spending limit cards are a lot less likely to default. Which they are right! I am very careful with my gold card.
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