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Written by: dm on 2007-09-07

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dm's review: Callout Comment Great card. I'm not sure what product this is though; Unsecured with no-annual fee. I received it when I made a branch teller transaction. (The teller said I was preapproved; typed something in the computer; the account showed up in my online banking the next day; card arrived in 5 days). FICO was 575 then. It was a low limit of $500 but has quadrupled since approval. 18.24%


Comment 1 by theo
Re: DM User Icon on 2007-09-08

Remarks Hey DM,

Regarding the BOA Visa, you said they quadrupled your limit. Can you give us some specifics about when you got the card, how often they raised the CL, and in what increments? Did you have to request an increase, or did they just raise it automatically? I am asking because they sent me an offer for a 99/500 deal and was wondering how quickly they will (if they will) raise the limit. Thanks.

Comment 2 by meya
RE: DM User Icon on 2007-09-10

Remarks Way to go DM! Bofa is a pretty good comany, they just don't like me... Lol. Keep us posted with your future experienes with the card and thanks for sharing this info.
Comment 3 by dm
RE: Theo User Icon on 2007-09-10

Remarks I received the card in August 2005 with a $500 CL. I requested a CLI in February 2006 and was told that I could not initiate a CLI. On my April, 2006 statement closing date, the line increased to $800. I received another CLI in October, 2006 bringing my credit line to $1200. In April of 2007 I received a letter stating that my account was "upgraded" and I also noticed that I could request a CLI through Online Banking. (That option wasn't available before). I requested an increase but was denied because of my credit utilization; no derogatories though. However, in May they raised my limit by $800 to $2000. This product is different from the 99/500 because I never paid an annual fee. Like I said, the teller opened it. It may have been a program test limited to particular markets and/or branches. Good Luck!
Comment 4 by meya
RE: DM User Icon on 2007-09-10

Remarks Nice thorough posting DM. I just had to stop in and tell you that. This is beneifical for those who would like to know how this particular card offer cli's.
Comment 5 by theo
Thanks, DM. User Icon on 2007-09-12

Remarks DM,
Thank you for the info on the BOA Visa. I will apply and report back to the board periodically. Thanks again.
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