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Written by: ceniceros1 on 2011-01-17

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ceniceros1's review: Applied for card in Dec, hit my identity guard a week later checking EQ, got the card in the mail a few days after that. I have no baddies, no BK, only 2 inquiries in the last two years. I only have 4 credit cards, two starter cards, this gas card 600, and paypal buyers credit 500. I pay off each month so don't worry about apr. California is full of Valeros and one is right next to my house so very convenient. No hassles. Dont really think I need $600 for a gas card but not complaining.

I keep my limites under 30%, pay everything on time and always more than minimum.

My Scores

EQ 730

EX 635

TU 737

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved Not Instant on 2011-01-17

Good CL for a gas card and assume they report to the three CB's, you are building credit and average account length (big thing with CB's).
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