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Written by: ceniceros1 on 2011-01-17

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ceniceros1's review: Callout Comment Applied for card in dec. They checked TU. I have three or four inquiries in the last 2 years. No baddies, no late payments. I only have four credit cards all low limits. Two starter cards with 400, one gas with 600, and paypal buyers credit with 500. Goal was to get this card so I can dump one of the starter cards that has an annual fee. I keep limits under 30%. I also use identity guard to send me reg updates on scores and credit hits.

Did not get instant decision. On week two I saw that it dinged my identity guard, and one week later I received a call asking about security questions. No other contact before that.

It's my highest limit so far and plan on paying off each month so not worried about apr. Customer service was pleasant. Approved for $1700. So far no hassles but still new card

MY Scores

EQ 730, EX 635, and TU 737


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved But Not Instant User Icon on 2011-01-17

Remarks Super! You have been planning your credit! Good CL. It takes time (couple of years I found) to get enough depth of average credit length to move into the higher CL's. Also, the prime cards.
Comment 2 by mrrob
Re: Approved But Not Instant User Icon on 2011-01-17

Remarks Congrats on getting this card
Comment 3 by bc8787
Re: Approved But Not Instant User Icon on 2011-05-15

Remarks Hey i was looking at your scores and i would def check on why your experian score is significantly lower than the other bureaus. My scores have never differed more than 8-9 points from each credit bureaus. :)
Comment 4 by ceniceros1
Re: Approved But Not Instant User Icon on 2013-03-22

Remarks Update 03/22/2013
Still use and love this card. Never any hassles. I am going to try and get a lower APR though since mine is 22%.

EQ 723
EX 762
TU 738
Vantage 745
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