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Written by: mrrob on 2011-01-05

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mrrob's review: Callout Comment After applying a few times, I decided to apply again on 12/31/10 online and was approved. Got the email today stating the card shipped on yesterday. Limit is $750.00. Can someone tell me how the steps works because I read that many after three months of keeping this card got a CLI. I'm happy though, cause its been rough trying to reestablish credit.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Got Cap 1 Finally! User Icon on 2011-01-05

Remarks Congrats! Do you know what your FICO Scores were? Since you have been working at getting approved, knowing your scores may aid others to apply.
Comment 2 by flirishpm
Re: Got Cap 1 Finally! User Icon on 2011-01-06

Remarks Congrats on the new card. I applied for a Cap One No Hassle Cash Rewards Visa in April 2008 and was approved with a $300 credit line. However, if you pay your bill on time each month for 3 billing cycles, they will increase the credit line for you. In my case, they increased my credit line to $500 (since July 2008) and have been there ever since (it's now January 2011). When I use the card, which is not very often, I pay in full each month.

My scores are in the low 700's and nothing derogatory in my credit file. Cap One must be like a lot of other banks today that are cautious about handing out large credit lines. I'll keep the card and keep ignoring their emails to me trying to get me to apply for a 'new' card with them. Why should I carry another card when all I'd prefer is to have more credit line available?
Comment 3 by kiejon9
Re: Got Cap 1 Finally! User Icon on 2011-01-07

Remarks Congrats!
Comment 4 by lamo455
Re: Got Cap 1 Finally! User Icon on 2011-01-10

Remarks Congrats man I've had that card since 97 first as secured then all the way up to a 3 k, it will take at least one year and they do major increases
Comment 5 by nuovocapitolo
Re: Got Cap 1 Finally! User Icon on 2011-07-29

Remarks I applied in Jan of 2011, got approved for $500, after five billing statements got bumped to $750, woohooo....largest card I have right now.....2011 year of the rebuild.
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