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Written by: kforbes86 on 2010-11-21

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kforbes86's review: Callout Comment Been re-building my credit for about 2 years now. About a year ago I was denied for this card and the wal mart card. 2 months ago, I was finally approved for the wal mart card. Today I decided to try again for the jc penny card, and was approved instantly. I estimate my FICO scores are in the 650 to 680 range. They were close to 700 mark a couple months ago, but I have opened new accounts since then, and new inquaries. I was approved with a $300 limit, the same as my new wal mart card.


Comment 1 by thomas1
Re: Approved Today!!! User Icon on 2010-11-21

Remarks Congrats on your approval. Did you apply online or in the store? Usually, they will approve a higher limit in store, but use it wisely, and I believe you can request cli's after every 4th statement cuts.

It's definitely a keeper, as they work very well with their loyal customers.
Comment 2 by mrrob
Re: Approved Today!!! User Icon on 2010-11-22

Remarks Congrats, was approved for this card as well a few months ago.
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Approved Today!!! User Icon on 2010-11-23

Remarks Congrats! Great card with outstanding benefits!
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