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Written by: cmichaelme on 2010-11-17

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Was approved for this card with a $5100.00 limit. Fico684


Comment 1 by joeyman
Re: Also Approved User Icon on 2010-11-18

Remarks Stop applying! You're gonna hurt yourself with all those inquiries.
Comment 2 by thomas1
Re: Also Approved User Icon on 2010-11-18

Remarks Congrats on your new Kays account. This has always been a popular one here, mainly due to easy approval and helps with utilization for so many.

With that said, with the 2 recent approvals, I would stop with applying for now. Let these accounts age, pay on time to establish history. Remember to only apply for credit that you need.

Keep in mind further inquiries ramped up in a short period of time will result in the first denial reasons for new credit. Wait at least 12 months before you app for anything else, or wait until these inquiries come off. You don't want to make your current creditors nervous by applying for more credit that you may not need.

Congrats and good luck!
Comment 3 by wanderer
Re: Also Approved User Icon on 2010-11-18

Remarks Points of other posters are good ones. You need a balance of department store type credit, bank card credit and installment credit. That works the FICO Score Model best.
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