"Wasted A Hard Pull For Nothing!"

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Written by: wrknprogrs on 2010-11-16

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wrknprogrs's review: Callout Comment Went through some mail yesterday and decided to apply for this card due to the invitation received in the mail. I figured why not, my FICO is 700+, no late payments and my BK is almost 5 years old. Got a decline and called their CS number... Was told they don't approve BK unless it's been 8-10 years... Too hard to put that on the application I guess!


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Wasted A Hard Pull For Nothing! User Icon on 2010-11-16

Remarks Thanks for the info. I have a BK 7 from 09/2001. Did not even try for AX. Now I know.
Comment 2 by cfmdev49
Re: Wasted A Hard Pull For Nothing! User Icon on 2010-11-16

Remarks These days... A 30 day late will get you a rejection... To get a prime card... You're probably going to have to wait for the BK to fall off... Unless the banks loosen up on their standards somewhat in the future... But you're right... Why not say right on the invitation letter not to apply if you have a BK? That omission certainly wasn't fair to you...
Comment 3 by ari
Re: User Icon on 2010-11-17

Remarks I have to agree with the previous comment. You will likely have to wait for the bankruptcy to fall off of your report before the prime cards will deal with you. Don't take it personally. You have to remember where the g banks have been (because of their won greed) over the past few years with foreclosures and credit card delinquincies.
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