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Written by: aries12c on 2010-11-03

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aries12c's review: Callout Comment Rockin35 and Meya, watch out... Theres a new HOOT in town...

I applied on October 13 2010, I got the typical 7 to 10 day message. So I call back a week later and still my application is pending..

Finally on Oct 26, merrick bank calls me (they have an 801 number.) they verified my application and was approved. So then I asked the creditor what my limit would be. She said 2800. 2800!! Yess...

So I call back almost a week later, November 1. Lady tells me that they have finished processing my card and that it has just been mailed to me.

So I ask her the 64000 dollar question. What is my annual fee. She replies. No annual fee. Yess!!! And I ask her what is my apr. Replied 16.45%. Yesssss!!! I asked her that is the lowest they offer, and she says that is true.

Well I checked my mail a day later, and whatdoyouknow... HOOTERS!!! So the entire process from application to activation took 20 days..

I have read all of the reviews and looked over all of the statuses. I am filled with pride at this moment because I have the lowest apr, the highest limit, and no apr since the credit crunch of 2008...

Rockin35, meya, hope to hear your comments...


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: 20 DAYS User Icon on 2010-11-04

Remarks WOW! A new sheriff is in town. Unbelievable?! The CL, APR and no AF! Unheard of! Enjoy.
Comment 2 by ari
Re: 20 DAYS User Icon on 2010-11-04

Remarks Big Congrats on your stellar limit and APR. Nothing like stating the obvious but use the card wisely. These days having a balance approaching $2500. Can easily bring a minimum monthly payment of $80 or more. I hate to sound like a "know it all" but I'm happy to share my experiences in hopes that people can benefit from them. Good luck!
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