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Written by: jpr0204 on 2010-10-27

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jpr0204's review: Callout Comment The Amex Blue Cash card is an all around excellent card. When I applied for this card 2 years ago I was approved with a $1,000 CL and a rate of 14.9%. After only 1 year of using this card and making on-time payments they increased my CL to $3,000 and lowered my APR to 10.24% I use this card just about everywhere I go because the cash back is unlimited. Their customer service is #1, and they always go the extra mile for you. What I really like about this card is that in years to come, when my daughter turns 14 and wants to start going out to the movies with her friends I can add her on to my account as an authorized user AND SET A CREDIT LIMIT for her to spend up to. She won't have access to the whole credit line and she'll be able to set up an online account to see what she purchased.

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Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Excellent Card...Use Everywhere User Icon on 2010-10-28

Remarks Many on this site like this card and have it on their wish list if they don't. Your posting confirms the reason they all want it. Congrats.
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