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Written by: laquana on 2007-09-04

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laquana's review: This card is crap I wanted to fix my credit this card is making it worse. I have sent email after email and call after call. No one is fixing my problem, do not get this card. The first month I got the card I made 2 payments 1 early payment for the next month and what happens? The next month they charge me a late fee for not paying on the day it was due. I explained to them I made a early payment, the guy said OK I'll fix that and take it off. Never took it off, so now every month after that I have had late over limit payments 116.00 of these payments which shouldn't be on there cause everything is there fault cause they have not taking off payments. They're suppose to, so that keeps my card over it's limit every month. And says I have a return check which I have yet to find on my bank statement. One fee of 80.00 which I never made. This is not a good card. Get a rewards 660 card their good.

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