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Written by: hlos2010 on 2010-10-08

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hlos2010's review: Callout Comment Did not receive an instant approval for this card, so I was for sure I was denied. I just received a letter to give them a call they had some additional questions. After answering about 5 security questions they approved me for $200. I will use it wisely along with the other two store and Visa and MC I just got. I will not apply for a while now...


Comment 1 by kforbes86
Re: Approved After Calling User Icon on 2010-10-08

Remarks Congratulations on the new card!! Are you building or rebuilding your credit???? What is your credit like? I have been re-building for just over 2 years myself, and have risen my scores from 490-500 range to transunion 709 and equifax 718 today. So if your re-building, perseverence pays!!!
Comment 2 by joeyman
Re: Approved After Calling User Icon on 2010-10-08

Remarks Congrats!

It seems $200 is the typical limit for this card. Looking back at other reviews shows some other's with $200 limits. What are your scores like?
Comment 3 by hlos2010
Re: Approved After Calling User Icon on 2010-10-10

Remarks To answer both questions, yes I am in the rebuilding phase. I filed for bankruptcy cpt 7 back in 2002, and it will fall off my report in April 2012. I don't think that is affecting me as much as the baddies I wrongly got along the way. I was really bad from early 2007-mid 2008. On a few I was an authorized user, so have managed to change and remove a couple of them. I still have 30, 60 and 90 days lates showing on 4 accounts. I am hoping as time goes by it will sort of go away! I have a good record for the last two years, and recently have been getting approved for credit. I know some of these cannot take me very far, but it will certainly help in getting there.

When I started two years ago my Experian score was 515! Now TU-647, Exp 641 (found out via my CU), and EQ 606. I recently disputed another account that had two 30 day latest and it was removed so haven't checked my scores if that has helped.

I will not just use credit wisely, charge and PIF!
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