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Written by: anthony on 2007-09-04

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anthony's review: Callout Comment Please contact your credit card issuers periodically to request credit limit increases and interest rate reductions. I have had this card since December 2006. I accepted the card with with a horrible initial interest rate of 20.49%. I called customer service today and obtained a modest $300.00 credit line increase and a rate reduction of 14.49%. I also have a US Airways account with this bank as well. I requested and obtained a credit line increase and rate reduction on this account too.


Comment 1 by brammy
Re Anthony User Icon on 2007-09-04

Remarks Juniper is not the most forthcoming issuer with any perks be it CLIs or APR reductions. That is the main reason they are on my chopping block for closure next week. Dont want an issuer including it in my avail credit when I don't use it
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Brammy User Icon on 2007-09-05

Remarks Sniff, Sniff, Sniff,... Wow Brammy, the truth hurts... Lol. Well I am going to take what you said into consideration but I find the Travelocity Mastercard to be a plus especially when it comes down to traveling through the Travelocity website. I have seen a lot of individuals that has selected the Sea miles but are acutally sea sick or has never traveled by sea period. Quick question, do you think that if an individual apply for travel reward cards, they should make sure that that particular card is what they do most? I have two reasons why I applied for Juniper Travelocity...1) I have read many reviews and found out that they were not too difficult to be approved for and 2) I constantly travel through Travelocity and was not aware that they had a credit card. So I figure why not go for it, at least I would receive some points for it... Ps, we have 3 new members that signed up today. I have sent you all welcome letters (but I forgot the screen names... Lol. You all know who you are :). Take a look at your messages, the welcome note is from everyone here at FG. Remember to post about the cards that you currently have or had experience with. It does not make a difference if you have the card with you or not. Every review counts, you may have had a good/bad experience or some good advice about something we know nothing about. No review is hidden info, so feel free to splur.
Comment 3 by brammy
Re Meya User Icon on 2007-09-05

Remarks Meya, when you are reestablishing credit it is good to get in with an issuer that fits your needs if possible (though sometimes it is not). The only cards I recommend staying away from are the likes of First Premier, Aspire, Tribute and the like. the ones that charge a ridiculous amount of money just to have the card with no noticible pluses for you. I shredded those until better offers came along.

Even with blemishes a person should be able to get a secured card. Reestablishing credit's first priority should not be getting deeper into debt.

I have Junny. It appealed to me because it had no AF and a rate that bested the rebuilding card I had at the time. As we grow up, we move one, just like momma told you. If you like taking trips this may be the card for you. Consider the benefits compared to the cost. Would you actually save more towards that trip with a lower interest rate and no AF?

I just applied for my second lowest interest rate card at 10.99%. I think I could charge that trip and the interest savings would far outweigh any benefits with this particular card.

But hey, I also have a BestBuy store card at 22% because I love the rewards certificates and I buy a LOT of electronics. A given with a teenaged boy in the house. LOL
Comment 4 by meya
RE: Brammy User Icon on 2007-09-05

Remarks Right on Brammy, thanks for the info. Much as I hate to say this, the truth is the truth, momma was the one who helped put me in debt the first time by begging me to finance things that she turned right around and told me during "The Time To Pay". She quoted, "I am your momma and I took care of you all your life, if you can't let me SLIDE BY THIS MONTH, you should feel ashamed of yourself." What the... Never mind, I won't even go there! But she was never ashamed when she asked or should I say BEGGED for me to co-flunk for her. I am so glad that I am on my own, she does not even know that I have a debt card, I do not want her to know. I pay cash for everything when we are together... Lmao.
Comment 5 by brammy
LOL!! Meya User Icon on 2007-09-05

Remarks Luckily my momma's got more money than I do and perfect credit... Lol!!! She would never even 'co-flunk' for me!
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