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Written by: hlos2010 on 2010-09-30

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hlos2010's review:

I was approved instantly online for only $150!!! I am not even sure if it was worth it, but figured I can buy a top here and there and PIF each month. Any one have experience with them possibly giving CLI within at least 6 months? I just received an instant CLI with my JcPenny card that I have had over a year, so I was just wondering since they are both issued by GE bank.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: Approved But Very Low Limit!!! on 2010-09-30

Good luck as you rebuild. Remember to use your hard inquiries wisely!
Comment 2 by ari
Re: Approved But Very Low Limit!!! on 2010-09-30

I got approved for the AE card about a year ago with a $225 limit. I told them to keep it and they still posted the account on my credit report. Honestly, it seems like more of an inconvenience to keep a card with such a low limit.
Comment 3 by kdb030609
Re: Approved But Very Low Limit!!! on 2010-09-30

Congratulations !!! With most accounts that are Ge Money Bank. If you manage your account online. There is a Credit Limit increase request area. Usually if you manage your account well. They'll give you one every four months at the earliest. I just got one on my JCP card for $2200. I was supprised at the amount. The card is now $2700 total CL.
Comment 4 by cireone
Re: Approved But Very Low Limit!!! on 2010-10-04

For GE Money, CLIs happen after four months of current CL and if you are in good standing.
Comment 5 by brent91055
Re: Approved But Very Low Limit!!! on 2012-07-30

I think everyone starts with a low limit. I was approved for a 150.00 limit and will probably just close the account out or throw it in the sock drawer and never use it.
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