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Written by: kforbes86 on 2010-09-21

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kforbes86's review: Callout Comment Applied for this card, and was eventually approved. It takes a couple weeks because they manually review every application. This card is unusual here in the united states. The car is common in japan, and the credit card company that issues this card is japanese credit bureau, the biggest credit card company in japan. The card is targeted toward asian immagrants and residents.

Customer service application, and statements are in both japanese and English. I was approved for a $1500 credit line. The card has 9.9% interest, zero late payment fee, zero over limit fee, and zero annual fee.

Also, the jcb card can be used anywhere that discover card is accepted, they have a partnership of some kind with discover network. Minimum credit line for this card is $500 and max limit is $10,000 my credit scores are all in the upper 600's now with several inquaries.


Comment 1 by wanderer
Re: First Review For JCB User Icon on 2010-09-22

Remarks Congrats! This must feel good to know you were approved.
Comment 2 by patrick12
Re: First Review For JCB User Icon on 2010-09-22

Remarks What bureau did they pull?
Comment 3 by kforbes86
Re: First Review For JCB User Icon on 2010-09-22

Remarks Not sure, but I think they pull all 3. Also, you have to live in california, nevada, oregon, washington, hawaii, new jersey, new york, connecticut or illinois to apply for the card.
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