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Written by: nik on 2007-09-04

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nik's review: I was really impressed with the Tribute Mastercard I made my monthly payments on time and my credit line was increased twice. Thank You Tribute... The problem I do have is the payment by phone fee is 14.95 and when I try to make a payment online for $4.95 it says my information is invalid and I can not make a payment. I called to speak with a representative and she informed me that I needed to "keep trying". The rep was rude and not helpful at all.


Comment 1 by yanira
Re: Nik on 2007-09-04

Hi Nik, There are many people here like Meya that could advice you on a better card for people with troubled histories... In my opinion having to pay to make a payment at all is ridiculous!! Try orchard bank. They helped my credit to where it is now. I used to get denials all the time... The best part about HSBC is that they allow you to do a pre-approval for a card. This allows you to know before you put a inquiry on your report whether you'll be approved.

I hope this helps.
Comment 2 by meya
Re: Nick on 2007-09-04

Nick, sometimes I hate to say something bad about what someone else feels is good to them. Take a look at all the tribute reviews and then you will see that it does not take a rocket scientist to apply for another card and close Tribute. There are plenty of cards out there that will not treat you the way Tribute does. I know that you may have encountered some type of credit set backs, but you and no one else deserved to be suckered into something that some credit file that you have to walk on eggshells with. If you need any further assitance, sign up and you will get a lot of advice from the members here. We have them on all types of credit levels, poor, fair, good, excellent, you name it.
Comment 3 by eldarwen
That Is Not Unusual on 2008-02-23

It is not that unusual to be charged $15 to pay a credit card over the phone. In my opinion, paying by phone is a bad idea. I am not going to pay an extra fee just to pay my bill by phone.
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