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Written by: yanira on 2007-09-04

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yanira's review: Callout Comment I did the pre-approval app on the site for this discover, it told me I would be approved for this card. I'm debating whether it's worth it or not for me to do. On one hand I really want a discover card. On the other hand, I don't want to ruin my credit with all these new accounts. What do you guys think? Should I go for the discover then stop applying for credit completely or should I not apply and just sit and wait and get it say a year later or so??? Please help!!!
By the way I've gotten like 2 new cards in the past 30 days...


Comment 1 by yanira
Approved User Icon on 2007-09-04

Remarks Thank you all for your input on this card. I love that they let you do that pre-application thing, so you know before you apply whether your likely to get it or not. I'm nervous because I feel I'm getting too many cards too soon, but I'm addicted to the approvals. It's been a LONG time since I've had credit approvals. Really never. I ruined my credit my first year in college. Anyway enough on that. Since I saw I would be approved I wanted to apply before that Target Visa app hit my report. Now I'm DONE!! I mean it. I don't want to ruin my credit and get denied for the more important things, like morgage or new car... Do you guys know how long it will be before these cards boost my credit and if this will?? I now have a total of 6 credit cards plus one old navy card (which I'm wondering if I should cancel). I've gotten all of these cards this year. I'm definately not applying for anything else that is for sure, but other than that should I cancel any of these? It is too many???? Thanks again.
Comment 2 by meya
RE: Yanira User Icon on 2007-09-04

Remarks Discover is different from Visa and Mastercards. I understand the way you feel about your credit but I don't think that it will ruin it when you are getting approvals. Your scores pick back up when you are approved for the card and everytime you make on-time payments. I am not going to insinuate that everything is going to be ok, but I can say this... Make that be your last try and work on what you already have.
Comment 3 by yanira
Low Limit User Icon on 2007-09-05

Remarks I called them today to figure out what my limit on the card would be and they told me $400... I know I shouldn't complain being that I wanted the card, however I fell like that limit is a little low especially with the other limits I've been given lately. Eric (you have the card right?), are they good about increasing your limit with this card?

Comment 4 by brammy
Re Yanira User Icon on 2007-09-05

Remarks That card is issued by the houshold bank arm of HSBC and they are notorious for low limits. The upside is that they are pretty good at CLIS if you pay on time and keep UTI low.

One reason it may be so low IS all the new cards. Inquiries bring you score down a bit and they don't quite now what you're holding in your hand.

Chin up, it will gt better
Comment 5 by dee
Re: Meya,Brammy,Eric,Deborah User Icon on 2007-09-05

Remarks I got approved for this card, with a 300.00 limit. I know it is low but I am so happy it has been really hard getting approved. and, this card is special it has the discover logo.
Comment 6 by brammy
RE Dee User Icon on 2007-09-06

Remarks Doing the happy dance for you. Now keep that utilization down and you are on your way!!!
Comment 7 by yanira
RE: Dee User Icon on 2007-09-06

Remarks Way to go on your new card! That is awesome. I have always wanted a Discover and got mine too. $400.00 Limit but I heard they are good at incresing that.

Comment 8 by eric
Re: Yanira User Icon on 2007-09-06

Remarks Hey Yanira... Ive only had the card since June 2007 and was approved for $1k... And haven't had any cli's yet. Its not a bad card but the rewards stink.
Comment 9 by steph
Re: DEE User Icon on 2007-09-06

Remarks Congrats Dee,
Your on your way. This will be the first of many approvals for decent cards you'll see. Keep hope alive sista!!
Comment 10 by dee
Re: Steph User Icon on 2007-09-06

Remarks Thankyou. I really appreciate your kindness. i, hope this will open the door. I am getting tired of hearing denied. bestbuy, dillards, macys, and target. can't seem to get a store card.
Comment 11 by meya
RE: Dee User Icon on 2007-09-06

Remarks Girlfriend, do I have to ring you by the throat? TAKE THIS CARD AND RUN WITH IT. LOL. I can't even get this card, everytime I try to do a preapproval, I get slapped with the Orchard Platinum or Secured card. You have some justice where I don't... Lol. Congratulations on all approvals here. Yanira told you the truth, you have one of the best cards and I am so proud of you. Keep it up and don't let nothing turn you around ever again. Keep us posted about your experience with the card.
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