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Written by: alxny on 2010-08-19

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alxny's review: Callout Comment

Well to start off my credit is horrible. I filed bankruptcy in November 2009 and as of today my FICOs is 630 by trans union I opened this card in March 2010 and I deposited $500 dollars for a secured credit card. APR. 0 for 6 months then 17% after that... There was a $70 charge to open but no annual fee. I like it. Now  I'm  trying to fix my credit. This bank I highly recommend. Banks included in bankruptcy Merrickbank hooters card Citibank Plat Select HSBC 2 cards Kay Jewelry card Shop NBC Card Target Card Capital One 2 cards juniper bank (Barclay's Bank) I want any ideas that can help my FICOs. I know I got a long way to go. Thank you... To everyone ALXNY


Comment 1 by joeyman
Re: I Like This Bank!!! User Icon on 2010-08-19

Remarks Your score is actually pretty good for such a recent bankruptcy!
Comment 2 by alxny
Re: I Like This Bank!!! User Icon on 2010-08-20

Remarks I agree and yes I find it unusual and Equifax was 510 Experian was 480

I will not apply to any credit offer at least for 2 years
Comment 3 by thomas1
Re: I Like This Bank!!! User Icon on 2010-08-21

Remarks Congrats on your approval a few months ago! This card has been getting a lot of reviews as of late.

The key here to get your scores up over time is to keep your utilization low, and on time payments firstly.

Your scores are descent, and can only go higher from here.
Comment 4 by hjm331
Re: I Like This Bank!!! User Icon on 2010-08-23

Remarks I've heard nothing but good things and I highly recommend it.
Comment 5 by wanderer
Re: I Like This Bank!!! User Icon on 2010-09-02

Remarks Thanks for the "heads up" on this card. Not getting ripped off in the new or rebuilding phases of credit is ever important. It is nice to know that there are some cards that treat you right.
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